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Your honeymoon should be the most memorable, magical holiday you’ve ever taken. It’s the perfect excuse to do something really special. Our travel specialists take into account your budget, your timings, your thoughts about the kind of honeymoon you want to experience, and the special touches you want it to include to craft the perfect honeymoon for you.

Some of the most romantic cities and in the world can be found in Europe, as well as hot spots on the coast and beautiful islands such as Capri. The potential for a magical escape here is huge. Your honeymoon could incorporate a few days strolling around the little streets and waterways of Venice followed by a stay on Croatia’s coastline of crystal-clear water and hidden beaches. Or perhaps you’d like to explore cultural Seville before heading to the tranquil Andalucian countryside.

A Greek Odyssey
Honeymoon Tour


Hotels & Cities

Sounio, Mykonos & Santorini: 14 Nights 15 Days

Hotel Options:
5 Nights – Sounio, Hotel Greece Cape Sounio
4 Nights – Mykonos, Hotel Greece Mykonos Blu
5 Nights – Santorini, Hotel Greece Santorini Grace

From spectacular sights and thousands of years of history in Athens to whitewashed windmills and stunning sunsets over the Aegean sea in the romantic Greek Islands, this Odyssey has something for everyone. A wonderful combination of culture and relaxation


Get a feel for the best the Aegean has to offer by basing yourself at Cape Sounio, a luxury resort overlooking the spectacular temple of the same name just 45 minutes from the sights of central Athens. Visit the fabulous new Acropolis museum in the city before relaxing at the hotel’s private sandy beach.

From here, take a short flight from Athens to Mykonos and enjoy a little luxury and style at Mykonos Blu, located right on the fashionable Psarou Beach. Located on the islands’ western harbour, the “Chora” of Mykonos is a very beautiful old island town, which historically had its own merchant fleet. Today it maintains a balance between tourism-related development and the preservation of its very picturesque features. There are whitewashed houses, windmills, a multitude of chapels, busy back streets with balconies full of flowers and a multicoloured fleet of fishing boats in the port. After sunset everything changes: crowds throng to the marketplace and the restaurants and bars come alive.

Finally finish off on Santorini, the Aegean region’s most romantic destination, with a stay at our favourite spectacular cliff top retreat, the elegant and sophisticated Grace Santorini. The sunsets from the hotel bar are out of this world – we can even arrange a private sunset cruise to really finish your trip in a truly special and memorable way.

When to travel

Greece is a year round destination that offers sunshine and heat in the summer and a comfortably cool climate in the winter. Rain is usually not a problem, with sunny days far outnumbering wet ones. On average, the warmest months of the year are July and August and the coolest months of the year are January and February.

Amore on the
Amalfi Coast


Hotels & Cities

Praiano, Capri & Ravello: 9 Nights 10 Days

Hotel Options:
5 Nights – Praiano, Hotel Casa Angelina
2 Nights – Capri, Hotel Caesar Augustus
2 Nights – Capri, Hotel Caesar Augustus

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world – craggy, winding and riddled with caves and secret beaches. This itinerary combines our favourite spots along the coast plus a stay on the stunning island of Capri.


It’s the perfect location for exploring – the serpentine coast road weaves around and tunnels through the mountains, never losing sight of the sea. The coast is dotted with beautiful bustling towns where you can watch the world whilst sipping a chilled glass of limoncello. This itinerary incorporates a beautiful serene hotel for relaxation at the start of your stay, a couple of nights on the Island of Capri and finishing with an amazingly romantic hotel in Ravello.

Your trip starts at Casa Angelina – this is a lovely hotel where you can fully relax and unwind. It provides a great base for exploring the towns along the coast. A 5 night stay here is perfect – a relaxing room gives you a really lovely private terrace, large enough for sunbathing.

Capri is definitely worth a visit during your stay. The Caesar Augustus enjoys a cliff-top position with stunning views across to the bay of Naples. This is a classical Italian hotel with beautiful sea view rooms, perfect for watching the sun set. The hotel is situated in Anacapri which is the quieter of the two main towns – it has a lovely selection of restaurants and bars. The island offers some amazing walks through the steep sided cliffs with many more sights to explore by boat including the blue grotto. We would recommend a 2 night stay on Capri.

An unforgettable way to end your honeymoon would be with a 3 night stay at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello – this is a stunning hotel perched high on the cliffs and the view from the infinity pool is second to none! A truly romantic finish to your perfect trip in this beautiful part of Italy.

When to travel

The best time to visit is in spring (April to early June) or autumn (September and October). In summer the climate is hot and humid and the coast’s single road (SS163) is heaving, and often has long tailbacks. The beaches, restaurants and tourist attractions are full to the brim in the summer months.

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