Jim Corbett National Park

When hunter Jim Corbett turned into a wildlife conservationist, it became a happy end not only for the tigers of the area, but also for people throughout the world. Jim Corbett played a huge part in conserving the highly endangered Tiger in northern India. He even wrote several popular books, including Man Eaters of Kumaon, and Man Eating Leopards of Rudraprayag, that were all based around the Jim Corbett National Park.

A trip to this national park makes it possible for visitors to experience the life he wrote about. You can live in an Indian forest, watch tigers in their natural surroundings, and learn to appreciate the trees and wildlife of the area. Jeep safaris during dawn and dust, elephant rides, and bird watching by the river are all part of the experience. Enjoy the hilly areas and look out for tigers, leopards, sambar, Himalayan tahr, sloth bears, Indian pythons, and hundreds of bird species.

After a long day in the forest, it’s comforting to come back to a cozy room, campfire, and freshly cooked food. The local Kumauni cuisine is delicious and healthy. Relish the rich curries accompanied by lentils and rice. While days promise to be wild and full of adventure; evenings will be warm and relaxing. There was never a better time to enjoy modern comforts in this wild wild land.

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