Lake Vembanad

At sunrise, a little wooden canoe will slowly drift from house to house, delivering milk and the morning paper. While a delicious breakfast of steaming idlis are cooking in the kitchen, the men of the house will stand with their home-made fishing rods dipped in the backwaters, catching lunch. At noon, as the hot sun takes over, a happy ice-cream-man’s canoe will skim on the water, stopping next to a huddle of school children. Life around the backwaters of Kerala is calm, leisurely, and always fascinating.

The Vembanad Lake and its backwaters are known to be the most beautiful stretch of backwaters in Kerala and is an intricate system of canals, lagoons, and wetlands. The lake is so large that it has different name in different districts. And this water body doesn’t just support the livelihood of villagers but is rich in biodiversity as well. It is included in the Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance and supports rare bird species like the spot-billed pelican, Eurasian curlew, and grey-headed fish eagle. The lake bubbles with so much life, and yet manages to stay so calm.

Spend a night bobbing on its waters in a luxury houseboat or spend a few days relaxing with Ayurvedic massages by its side. Whether you choose to get a glimpse of the backwater life or to immerse yourself into it, the soothing presence of the water and friendly locals will transport you to another world. This giant lake is gentle and full of life. Allow it’s slow pace to take over your holiday, just for a little while.

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