The capital city of India interweaves old and new with seamless ease. Just take a short drive around the city to see different eras comfortably sit next to each other. See if you can spot the 100-year-old carved arches standing next to modern fashion boutiques in Connaught Place; or shop for clothes at Chandni Chowk while passing 17th century monuments like Jama Masjid and the Red Fort.

Delhi is among the world’s oldest cities and some believe that it dates back to over 5000 years. It has been the capital of many empires, including the majestic Mughal empire, a strong imprint of which can be seen even today. In fact, it’s the Mughal architecture that gives the city such a distinct look. The Mughal influence on the city doesn’t end with its architecture. The cuisine of the city can also be traced back to them. From flat bread to flavorful curries, almost all dishes have traces of spices that were used by the Mughals themselves.

A walk through the old city without any itinerary is enough to fascinate any visitor. The streets and houses are a few centuries old and the monuments are even older. The food is unbelievably diverse. Stuffed paranthas, crispy savories, and rich desserts fill the street-side shops. Irresistible souvenirs like embroidered fabrics, handmade carpets, and mirrored artifacts will easily find a place in your bags.

The preserved history doesn’t mean that Delhi is stuck in the past; it is one of the most modern and convenient cities to travel to in India. The roads are wide, the metro system is extensive and easy-to-use, hotels are contemporary, and restaurants serve cuisines from around the world. Delhi is also the center of fashion in the country and home to several high-end fashion boutiques and labels.

From the hustle and bustle of its market to its rich history and modern architecture, New Delhi isn’t just the capital of the country—it is the perfect preview into what the whole country has to offer.

Red Fort


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